Xiamen Dora's House is located on Gulang Island, in Xiamen. With a seemingly simple but classic rooms. If you give us a call, you will hear: Hello, Dora's House. Yes, that is us, Dora's House B&B; is a place just like home.

The owners are midaged couples and they have a lovely little girl. The husband-Dora's Dad, moderate and good at fishing. He likes the forty-four bridgesin Shuzhuang Garden and Meihua Baths, which is said to a good place for fishing. The wife-Dora's Mom, who loves flowers and freedom. And she knows when the flowers are most beautiful and where you can find it, no matter whether it's outisde the walls of an old villa or in a wild alley. She will even show you the best place for a gorgeous sunset. Then there is their daughter-Dora,whose name however was not Dora originally. This hotel is called Dora's House because it brings together the couples' understanding of the lifestyle on Gulang Island. Everyone who loves life, freedom, beauty and sharing is the Dora, their expectation of an ideal Dora. "The guests all called her Dora, let it be.",said Dora's Mom. If you run into a little girl on the island, who will make so much ado about just showing you her favorite local deli for a nice treat. Tha's definately our Dora.

But our logo is originated for little Dora,. It is the work of Dora's Dad. Behind a green hedge which you can find almost everywhere on Gulang Island, there is this little girl with her head tilting is modeled by Dora. And "take the flower.",she says to everyone passing by.

This is exactly what the owners are doing: sharing while displaying the serene, beautiful,fulfilling yet romantic life on Gulang Island.

【The bus route recommendations】

1 Bus Route: No.29,47,112,316,751,857.
2 Bus Route: No.29,47,112,316,751,857.
3 Bus Route: No.29,47,112,316,751,857.
4 Bus Route: No.29,47,112,316,751,857.